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Representing yes pronounced with the mouth snapped closed at the end.



  1. Yes.


yep (plural yeps)
  1. Yes.
    I'll take that as a yep, then.

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Yep is a commercial document management software program, available on Mac OS X.
In its initial stages of development, Yep was named both "Pik" and then "Kip" but was renamed when it was discovered that the former was a registered trademark of another software program and then the latter was an obscenity in the Norwegian language.
Yep is a universal binary application and so will run natively on PowerPC and Intel Macintosh computers.


The following is a list of key features:
  • Consolidates and tags all of your digital documents.
  • Allows fast searching, viewing and managing of all of your PDFs.
  • Optional integration with a scanner to import paper documents.
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